As a part of our ongoing dedication to the arts education of children, Bannister Foundation made the decision to help send several members of the Waltrip High School Ram Band to the Summer 2017 Commerce Leadership Band Camp at Texas A&M University. 

Bannister Foundation chose to support these students based on their impressive talents and their desire to learn and achieve outside of the classroom.  To get a small glimpse at the incredible talents of the Waltrip High School Ram Band, check out their website.


During the Summer 2017 camp session students were able to learn and experience a variety of skills that will help them to become better future leaders. The valuable education the students received at camp will help them to be more successful not only in band, but in life.  

Mr. Jesse Espinosa, Director of the Waltrip Ram Band, told us that "the week was phenomenal and the positive energy the students brought back with them was incredible!" He also let us know that the students learned how to be stronger performers, humble followers, and capable teachers.  In addition to these valuable skills the students also learned about the seven levels of learning and how to work with their peers with a positive attitude.  


Mrs. Bannister, as well as many of the board members of Bannister Foundation, experienced the value and benefit of art education during their youth.  Mrs. Bannister felt that if there was anything she could do to help enhance the lives of children through the arts, she was going to do it. Because of this, Bannister Foundation is a proud supporter of the Waltrip High School Ram Band. GO RAMS! 

Several Students at the Summer 2017 Commerce Leadership Band Camp.