As a part of Giving Tuesday 2016, the Bannister Foundation donated $10,000 to the Biloxi Lion's Club, an organization known to support programs that target vision, hearing, and diabetes problems, especially in children.  

It is estimated that 19 million children are visually impaired. Lion's Club International as well as Lion's Club Biloxi works very hard to improve sight by screening hundreds of thousands of people every year. The $10,000 donation was initially set to purchase a machine that can be used to screen vision in children starting at the age of 6 months. However, because Lion's Club Biloxi had the money for the machine up front, Lion's Club International agreed to match the donation from Bannister Foundation. This means that Lion's Club Biloxi will be able to purchase two of these incredible sight saving machines. 

Lion's Club Biloxi has promised to keep Bannister Foundation up to date so we can be at the training seminar and launch of the program. Please check back for updated photos and videos.


October 25th Update

Biloxi Lion's Club invited Bannister Foundation Board Members to their October 25th meeting to view their new vision screening technology. Not was this the first time for Bannister Board Members to view the technology, it was also the first time many of the club members were able to see the vision screening device (pictured right). Lion's Club Members told Bannister Foundation, Inc. that the ability to use this machine will immediately impact the lives of those in our local community.  This type of vision technology can screen anyone ages 6 months to 25 years.  Lion's Club members simply stand 4 ft from the patient and take a picture of their eyes. After this, the machine prints a credit card like receipt complete with their vision prescription. From there, the information can be taken to a doctor to get glasses, contacts, etc.  While at the meeting, Lion's Club members voted on the purchase of another machine, and the answer was a unanimous yes! The additional machine will allow club members to screen adults over the age of 25 as well as the ability to test for Glaucoma. 


Lions in Action: Vision Screening Technology  

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