1. What is Bannister Foundation?

Bannister Foundation is a private arts foundation located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

2. Why was it created?

Bannister Foundation was created by Pati Bannister so she could give back to the community she loved.

3. What specific areas does the Foundation serve?

Pati was an avid supporter of children, the disabled, the arts, and animals. Bannister Foundation lives to serve those needs in the MS Gulf Coast and around the country and world as seen fit by the board. 

4. How is the Foundation funded?

Bannister Foundation is privately funded.

5. Where can I learn about the contributions the Foundation has made?

You can visit the programs section of our website to learn about the individual projects we've committed to. 

6. What does the Foundation invest in?

Bannister Foundation invests in different programs that relate to the arts, children's welfare, and animals. All things Pati were very interested in. The Board of Directors does not approve of program donations unless they feel as though they have Pati's blessing.

7. Who administers the Foundation?

Our Board of Directors

8. How are funding decisions made?

Our Board of Directors

9. Who decides how contributions are made?

Our Board of Directors 

10. Who is on the Board of Directors?

Daniel Burton (Original Member)

Melissa Burton (Original Member)

Jerry Pogue (Original Member)